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I love movies. Especially romantic, sweep-me-off -my -feet movies, with hot chocolate and rocky road ice cream. I love the first kiss, the bittersweet good bye, the whole lost you and found you happily ever after thing.

I’ve read that some people believe romantic comedies are very bad for a girl. They are like the binge of the mind. We get so fat with the fantasy that we forget the real thing. But I disagree. I believe a good romantic comedy should be just as rich and magical as chocolate cake. It should have laughter, and magic and a happy ending. Real girls (and women) love fairytales, it is like taking a mental bubble bath.

Some of my favorite romances laced with the mystical and magical elements that represent the power of love. These films took love beyond our imagination, love that transcended the ages. It showed love as the power that binds throughout any dimension you happen to be on.

The following are some of my favorite romantic movies with a paranormal flavor. I’ll admit some of these movies are a bit “old” but still spark the imagination.

jordanHere comes Mr. Jordan (the remake is Heaven can Wait. with Warren Beatty and another remake was with Chris Rock, in Down to Earth)  This is a delightful film with Claude Raines as Mr. Jordan, and Robert Montgomery as Joe the Boxer, who is mistakenly taken to heaven before his time. Mr. Jordan has to give Joe a second chance. However Joe cannot take his own body back, he has to take the body of someone else. (Robert Montgomery was the father of Elizabeth Montgomery, star of Bewitched. ). That someone else is a crooked millionaire. So Joe rights a wrong and gets a second chance.

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i_married_a_witch_posterI married a Witch: Sexy Veronica Lake (Jennifer) and Fredrick March (Jonathan) started in this 1943 romantic comedy about an irresistible witch who is out to fulfill an old curse. The story goes that she and her father were burned at the stake as witches during the Salem Witch trials. The witches swore the prosecutors and his descendents would never have love in their lives. The lovely Miss Lake with her peek-a-boo hairstyle captures the heart of the ancestor of the prosecutors and the rest is….well magical folly with love as the result.

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Image result for the enchanted cottageThe Enchanted Cottage: This filmed had  a serious tone that tugged at the heartstrings with its simple beauty. The 1945 film starred Robert Young and Dorothy McGuire as two scarred and simple people who fall in love. “Oliver Bradford (Robert Young) is disfigured by war wounds, he hides from his family. Laura Pennington (Dorothy McGuire) is a shy, homely maid who tidies up the place. Oliver and Laura gradually fall in love and discover that their feelings for each other have mysteriously transformed them. He appears handsome to her, and she seems beautiful to him. This is only perceived by the two lovers (and the audience), not by others. Laura comes to believe that the cottage is “enchanted” because it was once often rented to honeymoon couples. “ Find it Here! CLICK

bellbookcandleBell, Book and Candle: There was never a more glamorous witch than Kim Novak in this 1958 romantic dramedy. Starring veteran actor James Stewart, Elsa Lancaster and the very cool and cute Jack Lemmon, this witchy love tale is all about how a witch falls in love with a regular guy. There is only one small problem, if she cries she loses her powers! One of the most memorable things about that movie was the cat Pywacket –what a great name for a cat.

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the-ghost-and-mrs-muir-postersThe Ghost and Mrs. Muir. In 1900, a young widow finds her seaside cottage is haunted…and forms a unique relationship with the ghost. This romantic, yet slightly spooky love affair does the trick with a Dashing  Rex Harrison as the
Captain, and the humble sweet Mrs Muir, played by Gene Tierney. The ghost assists the young woman by inspiring to write a novel. But I won’t tell you much more you should see it for yourself and can find it HERE.

defendingDefending your life: Wouldn’t it be cool if we could just die and discover what our past lives were and what we did in our life to make an impact? This comedy starring the lovely Meryl Streep and the sort of average guy, Albert Brooks is a great story about a guy who dies and finds the love of his life at the Way station to heaven. You can watch it HERE

Image result for city of angelsCity of Angels (OMG that one made me cry!) okay this movie was not a comedy it is one that made me break out the hankies! This movie stars the cute Meg Ryan (with sad eyes this time) and the serious Nicolas Cage. Nicolas is an angel who falls in love with a doctor played by Meg Ryan. So he decides to become human. There is no happily ever after here, so brace yourself. Click HERE

stepmotherMy Stepmother is an Alien: This is probably one of my favorite Kim Basinger movies, and it wasn’t even her best role. But I loved her in it. Kim comes to earth as an extraterrerstial trying to save her dying planet. In the meantime she falls in love with the sweet scientist Dan Ackyord and his daughter. Click here to watch: HERE

ghost2Ghost: This is probably everyone’s all time favorite of all metaphysical movies of all time. I know it was my favorite, starring the late, great Patrick Swayze and Demi Moore along with the fabulous Whoopi Goldberg, this movie is about a guy who gets killed and his ghost comes back to protect his lady love and avenge his death. Great romantic scenes with Demi and Patrick making
love to pottery. Click here to watch.