The Goddess of the Soul and Mother of All Psychics

The Story of Psyche Explains Psychic Abilities

psycheThe hard definition of the word “psychic”, according to Webster’s, is a person who is sensitive to nonphysical or supernatural forces and influences : marked by extraordinary or mysterious sensitivity, perception, or understanding. The word comes from the Greek Psyche, meaning soul.

Psyche earned her title as the Goddess of Soul because of the various feats she had to accomplish to prove her worthiness as the bride of the Greek God Eros, or Cupid in Roman mythology.

Anyone who is familiar with the story of “Beauty and the Beast” knows the story of Psyche and Eros. The story is about the journey into the mind and soul connection. In the story, Psyche is a beautiful mortal princess. She is known everywhere as the most beautiful woman in the world, thus making the Goddess Aphrodite angry and jealous. Aphrodite sends her son, Eros, to shot an arrow into Psyche so that she can fall in love with the ugliest man on earth. Eros sees the princess sleeping and is so overcome by her beauty that he accidently pierces himself with his own arrow and falls desperately in love with Psyche. Eros then disappears knowing his mother would be angry when she found out that he didn’t do his job.

Aphrodite gets tired of waiting for Psyche to fall in love with a beast so she casts a spell so that no suitors would come looking for Psyche’s hand in marriage. Psyche’s mother is distraught and goes to the oracle, which tells her that her daughter would never marry a mortal man, but is destined to marry the one on the mountain where a fearful God and monster lived. The family tearfully takes Psyche to the mountain where Eros secretly waits for her. He marries her while he is in disguise. She is not allowed to look at Eros’ face, and feels she has married a monster, whom she falls in love with because of his kindness. One night she looks at Eros by putting the candle over his face and discovers she’s actually married to the most beautiful man she’d ever seen, the monster story had been a sham.Beauty and the Beast

Aphrodite finds out and puts Psyche through a series of almost impossible tasks to prove she is worthy of marrying a God. After much suffering, Psyche proves herself worthy and becomes the Goddess of the Soul because of the “insights” she gained during her journey towards true love, which is actually universal love.

The word “psychic” has come to describe a person who sees beyond the physical world. To be psychic doesn’t mean you have supernatural powers, but that the “insights” of this individual are enhanced because they see space, between material things. Psyche’s experiences revealed insights into true love as she went through each feat.

Among one of her challenges was to spend the night in a room filled with assorted grains and to have them all sorted and bagged by daybreak. Realizing the enormity of the task, Psyche huddled in the corner weeping, when an army of ants took pity on her and came to her aid, getting the job done for her well in advance of the deadline.

This example shows how we can communicate to other living things, whether ants, dogs, cats, trees, and we can manifest what we want by being in the ONENESS of everything, by going with the flow.

psyche-goldenramIn a second challenge, Psyche was ordered to bring back the Golden Fleece belonging to a fearsome ram that had already killed several heroes who had tried to acquire his fleece. Terrified that she too would be crushed, Psyche took the advice of a nearby reed that whispered to her to wait until nightfall when the ram slept before entering the field and to gather the fleece that had fallen off the ram and clung to the branches of the blackthorn trees.

This example is a perfect illustration of how psychics gain their information. Psyche listens to a REED that whispers to her. Just like psychics quietly stop and “listen” to what is going on around them. They listen to the “voice” in the head coming out of nowhere, giving them the information they need.

Everyone is psychic because everyone has a spirit. As Dr. Wayne Dyer says, “we are spiritual beings, having human experiences.” As spiritual beings we can see the meaning of the “space.” For example, if you go outside and try to look at the space between the trees, the leaves, the ground, to see the space between the material, you can then begin to SEE and know how everything is one, and everything is connected. You also begin to see what you’ve never seen before, or gain insights during this exercise that is extraordinary, even supernatural.

A true psychic sees what others don’t see because of this “space” because in space there is oneness. The space between our cells, between the table and chair, between a pen and paper, it’s all “spirit” or soul, which is exactly what connects everything.

A person who is “sensitive” to this space is one who can see what “normal” people can’t see. Others who say psychic abilities do not exist, or who claim they have no psychic abilities have not been “awakened.” They are blinded by ego, by cultural traditions and religious dogma and cannot see what is there. People born more highly “sensitive” or those who go through near death experiences, like Psyche, are more in tuned to what is not physically there, they see in four dimensions, not in two or three as regular people do.