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loveLove truly is one of the most fascinating and wondrous experiences of our human existence. I believe we are here on this planet to learn what real love is all about. We are constantly seeking out love because it helps us rise to a higher level of self. And although there are all kinds of feelings we describe as love I believe we probably incarnate as humans just so we can FEEL the bittersweet bliss of real romantic love. But how do we attract real romantic love into our lives, how do we attract the soul mate we seek in this lifetime? Surprisingly enough it doesn’t require a lot of work. You don’t have to go on online dating sites or seek out social situations to find someone to love you. It’s not about that because we first have to believe that love is there for us and that we are worthy and deserve to be loved.

You must remember to have a bit of faith. Know your lover is coming into your life soon. Believe it and see it and then let it go.  Stop looking for him/her to come. Instead focus on these 10 ways to attract love into your life.

  1. Laugh and laugh often. Raise your vibration with laughter. Watch funny movies, or hang out with friends who make you laugh. When you are joyful, love has a funny way of showing up. Everyone wants to be with the “happy” person at the party. So you attract others into your life when you are joyful, laughing or just generally happy with your life over all. Laughter truly is the best medicine.
  2. Learn to accept people for who they are. They won’t change, you can’t change them so accept them. The more patience you have with others who may not fit your standard the happier you’ll be. This also raises you to a higher vibration because with acceptance comes unconditional love. And you may not love these people romantically, but you’ll love them more fully when you accept them.
  3. Learn to accept love. You can do this by loving yourself first. and loving yourself enough not to take crumbs of affection from anyone. If a person is not that into you, then let them go and move on. Loving yourself is the first step in being open to accept real love, because then someone who matches your spirit and sees you for who you really are will be attracted to you. Also when you love yourself you send a signal out that you are quite ready to accept real love from someone who will respect you and adore you.
  4. Learn to be happy for others. The whole idea of attracting love is putting love out there. Being happy for someone one else’s happiness not only uplifts you as an individual it sends out the vibration of good will. That comes back to you in the form of love as well and attracts more love into your life. You can truly experience love and joy when you learn to make their happiness and well being a priority, then you can’t go wrong.
  5. Learn to believe in yourself and believe you are worth it. Sometimes we make the mistake of accepting the love we think we deserve. Some of us “settle” for the first one who asks, or just settles for someone because you feel that’s the best you can do or that NO one will ever want to love you in the way you would want. Love yourself enough NOT to settle, don’t fall into the traps of peer or family pressures, stick to your guns and believe and know the right person is coming into your life.
  6. Learn to look at the beauty in others: The true beauty of a person is their imperfection not their perfect points. When you can look at someone and appreciate them for who they are it makes your life so much more fulfilling. This includes friends and family members, those people who annoy you most are there for a reason. To bring you to a higher level of understanding and to learn to love them warts and all. They bring you to a higher level of wisdom and tolerance and when you have these qualities others begin to take notice. Always strive to find the good in people, finding faults is a waste of time and energy.
  7. Learn to have fun and be weird. Life is weird. Weird things happen, some are funny, some are sad, but the whole point is the journey. Have fun in this journey of life, learn to be adventurous and take a few risks. Dance like no one is watching. Enjoy the beat of your own tune. Explore social activities you’ve never done before, like ice skating or ball room dance lessons. Be crazy and enjoy your life. Everyone is attracted to the one who is in love with life weirdness and all.
  8. Be generous and never be afraid to express your love often. Be generous with your time when it comes to friends or family or potential partners. Tell your parents or kids you love them and do it often. Spend time with an aging parent or grandparent or someone else’s grandparent. Hug and hug often. Kiss the ones you love and who love you. Kissing is good in every form. Don’t take people you love for granted, remember to say I love you.
  9. Learn to avoid too much drama. When it comes to partners, families or friends, it’s okay to walk away and not be “right.” Sometimes people will bring you their problems or put you in the middle of things. It’s best to bow out. Know when it’s not your place to “fix” anything and walk away. You don’t have to be “right” allow your friends or loved ones to vent and just listen. Avoid drama keeps you at a higher frame of mind and open to attracting love into your life, simply because you feel good about walking away.
  10. Learn to let go. Letting go of the past can be such a relief! It’s like dropping the chains that bind you and looking at things in a whole new light. The fabulous Dr. Seuss once said: “don’t cry because it’s over, smile because it happened!” It’s so true because you can now look back, see what you learned from it all and gained in wisdom. To attract real love into your life, learn to let go of the past, embrace the change. Whether you’ve decided to break up with someone or someone has broken up with you, make up your mind to accept what happened. Forgive yourself and love the person you’ve become because of the experience.

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